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Conimbriga - Tour of Ancient world

Name:    Conimbriga
Continent:    EUROPE
Alt Name:     -
Country:    Portugal
Period:    Ancient Rome
Sub-Region:    Southern Europe
Date:    100BC - 1BC
City/Town:    Condeixa a Nova
Figure:     -
Resorts:    Condeixa a Nova,

 A view of the ruins of the Roman settlement of Conímbriga

 The interior of the Casa dos Repuxos.

A view of the forum section at Conímbriga.
 A view of the Monographic Museum at Conímbriga.

 Sections of a residential domus with water gardens.

 An arched section of the aqueduct in one of the alleyways.

 The "skeleton" of the thermal baths.

 Votive and ceremonial structures.

 A maquette of the conceived layout of the forum at Conímbriga

The exposed ruins and the gazebo protecting the Casa dos Repuxos.

Conimbriga history
Conimbriga is probably Portugal’s best-preserved Ancient Roman archaeological site, although it has a history stretching back to the Iron Age. In fact, while the Romans arrived at Conimbriga in the late first century BC, the settlement had been inhabited since the ninth century BC.
Whilst almost certainly not the biggest of Portugal’s Roman cities (although it is yet to all be excavated), Conimbriga thrived under the Romans, the results of which can be seen in its ruins. It was only when Conimbriga was attacked in the fifth century that the Romans abandoned the area.
Things to see at Conimbriga include the remains of houses and public buildings, some quite impressive walls, a road, public baths including their heating systems and some mosaics. There’s also a small museum of finds.
For a sneak peek, the Conimbriga website has a fun virtual tour of the site. Conimbriga also features as one of our best visitor attractions in Portugal.

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