Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Citania de Briteiros - Tour of Ancient world

Name:    Citania de Briteiros
Continent:    EUROPE
Alt Name:     -
Country:    Portugal
Period:    Iron Age
Sub-Region:    Southern Europe
Date:    200BC - 101BC
City/Town:    Guimaraes
Figure:     -
Resorts:    Guimaraes,

 View of the Citânia de Briteiros, showing house ruins and stone paving

 Citânia de Briteiros during an 1877 archaeological campaign

 Castro houses reconstructed by Martins Sarmento at the Citânia de Briteiros

 Panorama of the hill of the Citânia de Briteiros, view from the south

The Pedra Formosa from the baths of the Citânia de Briteiros

Citania de Briteiros history
Citania de Briteiros is a Portuguese archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient settlement. In fact, dating back to the second century BC, Citania de Briteiros was home to a people known as part of the castro culture, named as such because the high areas on which they settled where known as "castros".
Today, visitors can see the remains of Citania de Briteiros Iron Age hillfort, circular homes and a cremation furnace. There’s also a small exhibition of excavated finds.

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