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Aventicum - Tour of Ancient world

Name:    Aventicum
Continent:    EUROPE
Alt Name:     -
Country:    Switzerland
Period:    Ancient Rome
Sub-Region:    Western Europe
Date:    0AD - 99AD
City/Town:    Avenches
Figure:     -

Aventicum history
Aventicum is an impressive ancient Roman site in Switzerland which was the thriving capital of the Helvetians.
It is unclear as to exactly when Aventicum was founded, but it reached its peak between the 1st century BC and 5th century AD, during its time as capital of the region under Roman rule. At this point, it was home to some 20,000 inhabitants. Aventicum also became a colony of Rome or "colonia", a prestigious accolade, in around 71AD.
The sites which can now be seen at the archaeological site of Aventicum are very well preserved and include a 2nd century amphitheatre which would have seated 16,000, some of the original city walls with a surviving tower (originally one of 73), a set of thermal baths and holy sites including a sanctuary and some temples.
Now located in the area known as Avenches, Aventicum offers visitors plenty of original sites to see. There is also a museum within the amphitheatre tower which explores the history of Aventicum and with finds from the site itself including daily tools, mosaics, sculptures and various items from the city’s time under the Romans.

 Switzerland during the Roman era, showing Aventicum and the Helvetii region

 Carved limestone objects from Aventicum

 Die Helvetier zwingen die Römer unter dem Joch hindurch (The Helvetians force the Romans to pass under the yoke). Romantic painting by Charles Gleyre (19th century) celebrating the Helvetian victory over the Romans at Agen (107 BC) under Divico’s command.

 Entering the arena floor from the monumental east entrance

 The amphitheatre could hold up to 16,000 people

 The Theatre of Aventicum with the modern town of Avenches in the background

 Curved shape of the seating and one vomitoria on the upper left

 Cigognier Temple pillars

 Roman city wall and east gate

 Thermes en Perruet (Baths at the Forum)

Aventicum was the largest town and capital of Roman Switzerland (Helvetia or Civitas Helvetiorum). Its remains are beside the modern town of Avenches.
The city was probably created ex nihilo in the early 1st century AD, as the capital of the recently conquered territory of the Helvetii, across the road that connected Italy to Britain, built under Claudius. Under the rule of Emperor Vespasian, who grew up there, Aventicum was raised to the status of a colonia in 72 AD, whereupon it entered its golden age. The town wall was 5.6 km (3.5 mi) long.
In the Christian era Aventicum was the seat of a bishopric. The most famous of its bishops was Marius Aventicensis, whose terse chronicle, spanning the years 455 to 581, is one of the few sources for the 6th-century Burgundians. Shortly after the Council of Macon, 585, Marius removed the see from Aventicum, which was rapidly declining, to Lausanne.

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