Friday, 20 February 2015

Augusta Raurica - Tour of Ancient world

Alternate name     Colonia Augusta Rauracorum
Location     Augst, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland
Region     Germania Superior
Coordinates     47°32′2″N 7°43′17″ECoordinates: 47°32′2″N 7°43′17″E
Type     Settlement History
Builder     Lucius Munatius Plancus
Founded     Around 44 BC
Abandoned     Around 260 AD
Periods     Roman Republic to Roman Empire

Augusta Raurica history
Augusta Raurica is a well-preserved Ancient Roman site near Basel in Switzerland. Founded in 15 BC, Augusta Raurica grew into a thriving colonia by the mid-first century with a population of over 20,000 people.

Amongst its sites, Augusta Raurica has a fifty-row theatre, the remains of several public and private buildings and a maze of underground Roman sewers connected to a main pump room.
Augusta Raurica also has an archaeological museum housing finds from the site including a collection of silver objects.

 The Roman theatre in Augusta Raurica

 A statue of Plancus, the city's founder, in the city hall of Basel, Switzerland.

 Gravestone from Cirencester for a civis Rauricus.

 Augusta Raurica around 240 AD

 Temple at Augusta Raurica

 Augusta Raurica and Vindonissa in the 4th century

 Forum at Augusta Raurica

 Castrum Rauracense

Basilica at Augusta Raurica
Silver treasure of Kaiseraugst

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