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Fes::Ancient City in Morocco_Part_2_Last

 Located by the Atlas Mountains, Fez has a Mediterranean climate, shifting from cold and rain in the winter to dry and hot days in the summer months between June and September. Rainfall can reach up to 600 mm (24 in) per year. The winter highs typically reach only 15 °C (59 °F) in December–January, The highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded in the city are 46.7 °C (116 °F) and −8.2 °C (17 °F), respectively.(see weather-table below).

 The prefecture is divided administratively into the following
Main sights
 Fez is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination and many non-Moroccans are now restoring traditional houses (riads and dars) as second homes in the Fez medina. The most important monuments in the city are:
  •     Bou Inania Madrasa
  •     Al-Attarine Madrasa
  •     University of Al-Karaouine
  •     Zaouia Moulay Idriss II
  •     Dar al-Magana
  •     Aben Danan Synagogue
 The Bou Inania Madrasa built by the Marinid sultan Abu Inan Faris in 1351.
 The Bou Inania Madrasa minaret
University of al-KaraouineThe University of al-Karaouine or al-Qarawiyyin (Arabic: جامعة القرويين) is the oldest continually operating university in the world.[27] The al-Karaouine mosque was founded by Fatima al-Fihri in 859 with an associated school, or madrasa, which subsequently became one of the leading spiritual and educational centers of the historic Muslim world.[28] It became a state university in 1963, and remains an important institution of learning today.
 University of al-Karaouine.

The city is served by Saïss Airport. It also has an ONCF train station with lines east to Oujda and west to Tanger and Casablanca
Fes has two football teams, MAS Fez (Fés Maghrebi) and Wydad Fés (WAF). They both play in the Botola the highest tier of the Moroccan football system and play their home matches at the 45,000 seat Complexe Sportif de Fès stadium.

Fes Stadium.
 Notable residents
  •  Muhammad XII of Granada, last Moorish king of Al-Andalus.
  • Jamal Fakir, French international rugby league player.
  • Madame Guinaudeau, French cookery and travel writer.

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